When you see everything turning against you,

And you have nothing that you can do.

When you feel your world is falling down

And your luck is giving you a disturbing frown.


When life is giving you no second chances,

And you are terrified by failures’ glances.

When you have no shoulders to cry upon,

And your life seems to be a hell of a dawn.


When you are let down by wrong turns of life,

And your troubles and problems seem to be rife.

When you get confused of rights and wrongs,

And you are befriended by melancholy songs.


When all hopes seem to be lost in time,

And your life is not even worth of a dime.

When your self confidence is falling apart like autumn leaves,

And your imagination cries havoc with frustrated beliefs.


Very soon my friend, you will find inner peace.

Time will heal the cracks, bringing together every piece.

Very soon my friend, the morning sun will shine.

And everything will turn out to be normal and fine.

So my friend……. COME BACK TO PEACE.

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