Everything falling around me, rising tension and grief.

All negating and falsifying everything that I believe.

Stretching my hand to the light but all is dust and smoke.

Meanings and definitions lost from the time I woke.


Love and life fighting to keep themselves afloat hard.

Laziness and hopelessness pull me from forward.

Busy days and silent nights lay down my ominous fate.

Time goes by, age passes and life moves on but I wait.


My mind is a cloudy sky, filled with doubts and tears.

Went through everything to be happy, that one bears.

Ruined and scavenged with the ocean of rough sand.

I get lost again and again in the cemetery of broken land.


Though I feel scarce, yet I drive by that way.

Through the chilling night, through the burning day.

Enough time has passed, I can’t take the load.

But I have to, obviously, go down that road.

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