The sky is filled with smoke and dust,
Everywhere there is blood and rust.
When everything we love is long gone,
And there is nobody left for us to mourn.
The brown sun is shining dark,
All around you’ll find fire and spark.
When you realize your life is a pawn,
And your thoughts and aspirations are still born.
Trees everywhere but no sight of leaves,
No idea about what god believes.
When closer and closer your death is drawn,
And your life is nothing but a lost field of corn.
The war when takes everything from you,
Destroys all and you have nothing to do.
Hopes still alive to see the white swan,
And your rage seems to blow the war horn.
With tears in eyes and a broken heart,
The grief and revenge tearing you apart.
When you think of again blooming the lawn;
Waking up with desperate prayers every morn.
The dawn will come with rest and peace,
Death and destruction will completely cease.
Laughter and grace of the earth will carry on,
So, let’s pray for the return of the dawn.

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