Deer eyes of yours, so full of life,

Your curls of hair drifting in the breeze.

The cute little nose with a tint of pink,

Swaying your charm with grace and ease.


The soft skin which shames a feather.

Your killer smile that carries me away.

A perfect and beau woman you are.

You amaze me every moment every day.


Your peacock walk overwhelms my soul.

The perfect figure of you; a heart-filling view.

In every aspect you are damn beautiful.

Like a pink lotus with a backdrop of dew.


I stand watching you like a helpless child,

Can’t figure out where to hide such charm.

But i promise you to safeguard your soul.

And avoid your from any danger or harm.


You shall be mine and only mine,

Oh beauty! i can lose anything to have you with me.

May god bless us with a subtle togetherness

And may He give us peace and let us be.

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