I loved her and she loved me

So happy and jolly I was for this

My life was filled with joy and glee

Please tell me baby what did I miss?


With my heart & soul I loved her

Not a time went without thinking about

But suddenly everything turned sober

My heart started to cry and shout.


She brought someone else in her heart

Cut my mind into small tiny shreds

My life is tearing and bursting apart

I lay in sorrow on piercing thorn beds.


This was not what was meant to be

We were so happy with each other along

I used up every bit to keep her and me

I can’t keep my sanity much for long.


She is so beautiful, filled with joy

I want her to be mine and only mine

I can’t resist to take that away by another boy

This is not at all okay or fine.


But she accepted her mistake and reasoned

I am tolerating it with each eon of my soul

My heart got broken, withered and seasoned

Don’t know how much can I withstand such dole.


I have built a dream with her by my side

So beautiful it is, so charming it is

Only with her in a life-long sweet ride

Garnished with hugs and a sweet fragrant kiss.


Love is care, love is forgiveness for sure

But my love is complicated and stressed

Please God, show me some mercy and cure

Which would be sweet, lovely and blessed.

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