In my earlier post, I discerned a clear perception of the connection between the reality and the relativity. What I want to convey in this post is more like a peek into the perceived reality and how it comes into one’s picture of existence and life.

The reality, as we know, is different for different beings. With constant evolution, the scope of interaction of the beings with their own perceived reality gets more and more pragmatic. But if we take a look around us, the evolution seems to be at a standstill. Obviously, this is my own perception of my reality. So, what is actually changing around us? Don’t say that the price of a hamburger is changing! The actual change is happening in the level of consciousness of the beings. I don’t believe in the existence of the supreme being that drives all the other beings into their course actions. Some people call that supreme being as “God”.

With the advancement in technology, new doors into science and research are opening up, in turn giving rise to a plethora of new and modern machines. The world is slowly getting closer and the collective consciousness of the people is expanding at an exponential rate. So, the actual need of the hour is to agglomerate different minds and think of a plausible solution to end all the scarcities faced by our species and the others too. Only then will the real development of the absolute reality take place.

Please think and act to make the collective reality, an absolute reality!

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