Let’s talk about REALITY. Reality, in simple words, is a world which is in a direct relation with us through all the senses( naturally there are five, but some have SIX!). But one must observe that, that direct relation is by far limited to different beings in different ways. For example, a fish’s world is a water body and the sky above. their ecosystem is revolving around that specific water body itself. But when we see those fish, we can see them and also the sky, the nature around the water body and sometimes, a few people too. It is evident that reality is relative to the observer. Another point of concern is that “there is much more than meets the eye.” Our senses are limited to a certain degree of freedom. There are proven eleven dimensions of the reality that we perceive. But is it over there? No. There are other realities and other dimensions too. 

Thus we have come to the conclusion that reality is relative. Now what has this to do with relativity? Interesting, right?

Well, RELATIVITY is the difference of the REALITY with respect to the frame of reference and the situation around that reference. So, in a way, we are all related and also different from each other. Thus, we are bound by the same frame of reality but perceive the reality in different relations. This results into the conclusion that we are relatively related to each other with the same reality. But again, the reality is different for different beings. So, all the beings are related to the reality that is perceived differently.

The final result is, there are different realities for different beings, and each one is perceiving their conventional realities differently.

This seems very confusing, but friends, this is not. To sum this confusion up, the word RELATIVITY is coined. This relativity connects the dots of all perceived realities and makes into one real reality. But nobody knows what that real reality is. One needs a bird’s eye view of all realities to picture the absolute reality.

“Realities are relatively related to each other in one framework of an absolute relativity.” 



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