Starsfield_Rainbow_wallpaper_by_nithilienEverybody might have heard about “VIRTUAL REALITY”. But this “REAL VIRTUALITY” is a completely different subject to discuss about. As I have discussed in my earlier articles that there is no actual reality but a relativity of different perceived realities. so I want to bring all the topics under one roof, which is called real virtuality. What is real is really not defined. But the virtual world is an imaginary extension of the perceived real world. So, according to Quantum mechanics, the real world is uncertain, but the virtual world, being an extension of the real world, is very much certain because it does not come under the consideration of physical matter. The logic is: if there is a physical matter, there is uncertainty but when there isn’t any, there is no uncertainty. So virtual world is very much real.

I coined this term virtuality because it signifies the absence of any physical existence of matter, but the actual infrastructure of the reality is intact. When virtuality comes into the picture, it is proved that our imagination gives rise to something very real. If our thoughts are real then why can’t we experience our thoughts in real time? The answer is simple. What we perceive is the reality, but what we see is not actually real. Our thoughts are intertwined with the reality leading to a complete sense of perception.

“Our perception is our sight entangled with thoughts, giving the whole, a sense of completeness.”

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