People, in general, see what is present in front of them. In most cases, people believe in what they see. For those people, the real question is, are they believing in what they see or are they seeing what they believe in?

From our birth, we are taught to perceive the world in someone else’s perception of the reality. So we believe first and see later. For a completely unbiased perception, one must first see and then they must believe. We see the physical world according to our own understanding. But what if we could see the world as it is? The most important thing to note here is, we all have a different mindset and a different perception of reality as I have already discussed in the first article. So, no matter how different it is, we all see the same thing in the same way. How is that possible? Am I contradicting myself with this observation? The answer is NO!

We may see the same physical matter and recognize it as the same thing, but what differs is in what dimension are we seeing it. For example, we see the sky as endless and meets the land at the horizon. But a fish in the water will only see the sky above. So, there is a hint of difference always tagged in observations. Though the beings see the same thing, yet they perceive things differently.

See the same thing, but each time, make sure your perception about that thing is different

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