From the eyes of a Dying Man

“He returns to a place from where he started. The end is the new beginning. The slate is clean. All is lost for him.”

Death brings the time to a halt for a man. Every expectation, every fear, every mistakes, basically the whole life flashes back in a single moment. Everything becomes obsolete and worthless towards death. Last moments have a different sensation which a man can feel with his senses. He knows that praying to God won’t help much. He becomes peaceful and a sudden rush of satisfaction fills his mind. He wants to see his loved ones for the last time. He gets closer to divine and the higher consciousness. He is far away from the materialistic attractions and feelings. He repents for his mistakes. Everything that he thinks at that time rotates around himself, intense and deep. He sees the energy fading into a complete inability to move. Silent and serene. All of the reality closes on him. A spiral fall from his memory lane. A descend into a complete state of tranquility and docility.


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