Starsfield_Rainbow_wallpaper_by_nithilien“Dreams are the implications of reality onto virtuality”

Dreams are a usual event of admiration of human mind. The subconscious mind projects images and happenings of our recent thoughts into it’s own way of picturesque. But when those dreams really materialize, what connection can we draw from those dreams?

Dreams are a connection of the real world with the virtual world. But many a times, we could feel that the dreams are a subset of the real world. So obviously there is a connection between the real and the virtual. If there is a connection, then the thoughts can go either way. Real thoughts are projected virtually through dreams. Then virtual thoughts can also be projected through reality. If that is so, then there must be a virtual plane existing which connects the reality. Let’s think it this way. If real can project itself to virtual, then obviously, virtual can project itself to real. But there is no spoken existence of virtuality, right? Yes, there is. Virtuality exists as much as reality. Otherwise, there wouldn’t have been any connection between the two. When we think, it is in virtual world. But when we do, it is in real world. People tend to do as they think. So the virtual world has as much contribution to our existence as the real world. Virtual world is like a unicorn. A mythical world full of imaginary features; also known as dreams. But if that mythical world can have an impact from reality, then the reality can also have an impact from that mythical world.

If anybody among my friends like to comment on this idea, please do write to me. A gust of ideas is always welcome.

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