Non smoking people always relentlessly ask a smoker that what he/she gets out of smoking. Let me share a thing or two about the answer. Obviously, this is completely my viewpoint. But many of my friends who smoke can relate with this write-up. Smoking, physically, gives a sense of light headed feeling. This is a general happening. But what goes beyond this is far more interesting. People have the tendency to run away from problems instead of facing them. Smoking helps them to lose the insight into their problems and makes them live in the moment through himself and his gust of smoke. Smoking also is an outcome of boredom and extreme laziness. Whenever, people do some hard work and tends to rest, they think smoking is a good way to pump out the exhaustion. Smoking is a short term and instantaneous freedom from reality.

Sometimes, extreme work load and pressure lead people to take up this bad habit. Most commonly, people even smoke to stay awake before exams or any important conference, seminar, paper presentation. There is also extreme sadness and grief which is a significant reason to smoke. Alcohol usually goes with this reason, but smoking is a complementary, no doubt. Some even smoke to look cool. Bad friend circle is a reason that today’s youth is taking up smoking at an exponential rate. Another reason is pressure for performance on them.

Once taken up, it takes immense self control and determination to cut out the addiction. Some lose and end up dead. Smoking takes away money, life and soul out of a smoker. It makes a person weak and fragile. It demolishes a person’s will power to face reality. It destroys everything that a person loves. This is the greatest IRONY of a smoker’s life.

Yes, life is not simple. But a small confrontation with the reality won’t harm you. Remember this, you are born in this big crazy world, so you have nothing to lose. Don’t end up making your loved ones look bad on you. Be honest with yourself and don’t make-believe with an epitome of death.

“FACE the FACTS and LIVE your LIFE!”

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