Where does actually beauty lie?


Beauty has been a pressing topic of debate and discussion for centuries. Some have taken the help of the mathematical expression of Phi = 1.61 which is derived from the Fibonacci sequence for correct representation of beauty as it seems that our brain recognizes this relation as a form of true beauty. Related to this expression, Plato quoted, “Beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder”, which has been a massive renaissance in the field of physical appearances and expressions. Since, all these derivations of the recognition and understanding of beauty is through the eyes of the observer, I think, the word beauty has been severely underrated and misdirected.

Beauty is not only the true eye soother, but also vehemently heart touching. Beauty cannot be seen, it can only be felt. Obviously, everyone has different perception of the reality, so everyone has different viewpoints on the true experience of beauty. Beauty is an aura which can make everything good and pleasant. There has been many a characterization of beauty by different well-known authors and poets and novelists etc. But beauty is far above any form of materialization and description. Beauty, in its crude form, opens up a plethora of diversified feelings and expressions for an individual. There is no true beauty, as there is no true love. Beauty is in itself the highest pinnacle of definition.

So where does actually beauty lie?

That’s a tricky question, now! But hey, I am gonna give it a try for sure.
Beauty lies in the heart and mind of a person who has found peace and serenity in this world. Beauty lies in those things around us which we don’t notice because they are too obsolete to look at. Beauty lies in the innermost sanctum of humanity. Beauty is not just an adjective. Rather, it is a state of reality where love, goodness and happiness exists simultaneously. Beauty is everywhere, my friends. Just look deep into your surrounding. You might find the secret of happiness through beauty.

“Beauty lies in the state of mind and heart where the being has made peace with itself.” 

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