Change: the new convention


It has been a while since I started observation of the happenings around me and getting a vague idea of what is actually going on around me. But how hard I try, I can’t connect the dots. Is it because my perception is not matching with the way the things are? Or, is it that the world is not at one place all the time? Why not look into both the sides of my question? Another question…. Damn!

My perception, your perception, every perception is different, as I have discussed about this already in my earlier post – Relative reality – Relativity, so the answer to my first question is pretty much answered convincingly. But the answer doesn’t completely satisfy my search for the connection around the world. So let’s surf towards the other question. The world is not at one place all the time. Every moment, every jiffy, every day, the world is changing. And obviously the reality is changing simultaneously. So change is the only static here. Even the beings are changing, our consciousness is changing and all other elements of this Universe is changing.

But among all this change, does anything remain the same? Looking deep into this question, I noticed that the extreme abstract things, the relatively virtual things, are the same always. Beauty, love, happiness, goodness, and all the other powerful feelings are static. Just the approach of the beings towards these feelings are changing. Technology is exponentially developing, rush is increasing, physical interaction is decreasing and all other shit is changing. But as energy can never be created nor be destroyed, similarly, these virtual abstracts are not changing.

Looking individually into each and every cell of this Universe makes me conclude that everything around me is changing at a fast pace, but the beauty of this change is, everything is symmetrically and perfectly falling into the gaps and places to make the whole thing into an intact world. The balance is at play everywhere, in fact, that is the law of nature. But more importantly, the vitals are always the same for anybody in this beautiful but crazy world.

“Change is the new static around”

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