Colors (8)

The world is old enough to set its standards and characteristics to the denizens. Though, the society has advanced to an appreciable level, yet, are you sure that the trajectory that it has taken to reach to the present conclusion has been quite justified?

What does actually normal specifies to be? Is it that the status “Normal” is a prejudice to societal standards? Or, is it just a lay viewpoint of a large section of the functionality of the Universe as a whole? There are so many questions arising in my mind, but reaching a convincing and satisfactory answer is far from reach. Normal, in its crudest sense, means that the behavior or characteristics of any matter meets the standards of certain level of viewpoints and standard rules. But does everything follow the desired list of rules and premonitions? I don’t think so! Well, I don’t know what you people think of being normal, but let me stretch out certain discussion through my views about “Normal”.

Any living beings are related to their adjacent reality through their senses. That is the basic law of nature. Characterization and classification has been a long term procedure for understanding the nature and system of the reality. This classification is brought down from generation to generation and has resulted into many things like racism, cast, creed, religion, plagiarism, etc. But isn’t it true that the main focus and goal of any action or thought depends on the start and end of the locus? For example, humans may be white, brown or black. But every human being’s soul purpose is to follow the path to humanity and pass down their knowledge and experience to the future generations. Similarly, every religion’s sole purpose is to understand the path to peace within oneself and be a messenger of God to the society. But the real essence of “Normal” is lost and shattered to meaningless narrow-mindedness, politics and evil intentions.

Hypocrisy is also an outcome of so called “Normal”. Society somehow draws a limit line to the freedom and behavior to girls and this has caused widespread rapes, gang-rapes and a huge population of perverts. They are also human beings but they are treated differently and observed differently. There are other limitless drawbacks of “Normal” but, these, in my opinion, are the most widespread and appealing ones.

So, there is “Normal” in every aspect of life and living. There is love, happiness, goodness, sanity, chivalry, kind, etc. These are what makes the world a better place. Set these standards to the society instead of disparity and differences leading to obsolete war and fights.

“Make this world a place to live, love and grow.”

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