Its very easy to get to the animal side of yourself. All the violence, rage, obscurity, malice, urge etc. I have given a thought to all the misbehavior and attacks on girls and women in India. It has been a growing issue for decades. Yet nothing much has come up to perish this problem. Neither the system nor the society. Let me discuss some key problems following the question of why rapes and gang-rapes happen. Let’s be honest and at the same time, fair.

First: Since their upbringing, boys observe that girls must have their reach under certain limits. Imaginary boundary conditions are imposed on girls right from the start. This is a common agenda in Indian societies. Girls also get less freedom and liberties in comparison to their male counterparts. This has not only led to their emotional insecurity, but also has given the boys an unfair freedom of exploiting girls who cross that imaginary border line. Even there are cases of female feticide spreading a large part of the country. People don’t want girl child because they take it as convention that their marriage will make them a victim of large value of money as dowry.

Second: Not all boys are bad. The rapes are committed by perverted rapists. I would like to categorize them outside the realm of the male sect because these rapists are the violent and perverted faces of human kind who knows no decency and desirable social behavior. Being a boy myself, I know that boys, after reaching puberty and then after, likes to ogle at girls, but I think enjoying the beauty isn’t a crime. The ogling must be limited to only seeing; neither commenting nor misbehaving.

Third: With the advancement of science and technology, the children gets exposed to vulgar and socially unacceptable knowledge and content at the wrong age, thereby creating imbalance in the proper nurture and upbringing of the society as a whole. These happen because the children love to see or do something which they are forbidden to do. The discussion of touchy and socially taboo topics are usually avoided by the parents. When somewhere these types of information or content is acquired, it gets spread very fast with the use of social media. Children, who keep themselves busy with the Facebook and other social networking sites or other websites which has the capability to pollute the minds of the children, gets exposed to vulgar and obscene contents much easily as the parents can’t spend much time with their children due to workload.

There are other reasons of rape, because rapes are crime frequently committed, but I stressed upon these three topmost reasons because I think these are the most important ones. Obviously, my friends will surely like to comment other reasons and keep this discussion very healthy.

To those rapists out there, this is a line of great gravity for you from me. Before touching a girl, remember that the person who brought you to this world was a girl too. So, just think again and don’t commit this crime “JUST FOR THE SAKE OF YOUR MOTHER“!


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