Everyone has their own share of secrets. The only thing that matters is what one does with them in his/her life. Secrets even provoke people to lie, betray, back-stab and silently kill others. Sometimes, secrets even lead to blackmailing which is really irritating and unethical. Every secret has its own gravity of physical consequences. There is a great deal of secrets lying all over the world. Some are between loved ones, others are nothing but just prerogative of the subtle but quite scaring human nature.

Secrets are very close to wars when people tend to hide them to the whole world. In this war, a person battles with himself, let alone with others. Nothing is static in this ever dynamic world. Yet, we find some things that never really change. For example, beauty, love, happiness, goodness, etc. Secrets are in the same flock. As far as I have realized, secrets are increasing with the advancement of technology and the world as a whole. Many things are just scattering everywhere whereas others are relinquishing to a silent pace of retribution. Distraction is the style of the environment everywhere and the power is concentrated in the hands of few. In this turmoil, secrets have acquired a lot more safe and warm weather to culture and grow. Everything became so complicated and twisted that nothing is worth living anymore. The main focus of humanity has taken a drastic shift towards an agglomeration of shared goals rather than individual determination. Secrets, in a way, form the most basic language of societal culture. Cause and logic has been thrown out of the window and cold war is fought between the members of the same family.

Everybody likes to be connected to machines rather than talking face-to-face. Our fingers are more busy typing texts, smileys and memes rather than holding hands and walking down a serene and tranquil road. Secrets, in a way, are destroying the main gist of life and living. Nothing is private anymore. Social connection is just through the Facebook or Twitter and verbal communication is reduced to a set of binary signals. Tell me, where is the reality involved in this!

Secrets has to be the same. Secrets are the same. Secrets will be the same. Just the ways to keep them and reveal them will differ. Secrets, in its own crude form will never change. Secrets will destroy in its own way. They will continue to massacre the heart, mind and soul of any living person as well as after he/she is long dead, by others living and battling with their own. Secrets will always be the way of life which won’t change over the locus of centuries and millennium over.

“Secrets has to be the same. Secrets are the same. Secrets will be the same.”

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