A for Apple just for a JOB!

Today’s educational system is by far the most traditional way of life. When we follow the traditional system of studying, qualifying well in entrance examinations, getting into a good college and getting a degree and finally getting a good job, we become the best in the eyes of our parents and also the society. Whoever tries to break this route will be considered a fraud and a social taboo and will be loathed everywhere. The moment a child learns the English alphabets, he is destined to do all the other things to get settled in life. Is that what has become of the classic human society?

The problem with today’s education system is that it stresses more on studying and less on learning. Education, in my opinion is a perfect epitome of good behavior and attitude with a jinx of knowledge and intelligence. There hardly has been any improvement in providing education by the educational institutions. Every effort of a family is to get their children a respectable degree. That is not what is expected of today’s youth.

Creativity is killed and rote learning is encouraged leading to immense depression and suicidal tendencies. The wings of the students are cut at a very small age without them even knowing what has been done to them until it’s too late. This should not be the case when the real development of any country depends on the development of technology and culture. At the end of the day, we become all workers of big organizations. The system makes us a working puppet with no time to think and ponder upon their own needs. This is a mass murder in the purest sense.

We must therefore act to encourage and put up the morale and creativity of the next generations and work towards setting up the true learning process so that their passion and dreams be well acknowledged and driven to set them on the right track in life where they can work towards the enhancement of themselves as well as the society.

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