What’s more important?

We spend everyday in a monotonous and silly cycle of events that we are meant to do or be in to satisfy somebody or the other. But we are slowly forgetting what actually means the most to humanity and the ecosystem around. The world is slowly getting passive and ludicrous. People are more interested in money than feelings. They are fighting over freedom and independence in and around them. Pressure, tension, frustration, depression, etc. have become a normal demeanor. Goodness is replaced by greatness in a twisted kind of way and the distribution of resources has gone so erratic that starvation and poverty are just another leaf in the forest. Life has become more materialistic and stench has filled the gap. Truth seekers are claimed to be madmen and bourgeois.  There is very little space for love, happiness, perseverance, dreams and life. This whole world is running under the tyranny of WWW and electronic gadgets. Very few people have become completely engrossed in the search for inner peace and tranquility. The society has become an autocratic system where all the things are decided by the elders. There is an end to nature and sky. Now there are just endless screens and papers. Thoughts are pestering the sleep of people every night. This whole world has run out of balance and authenticity. Government has been ironically in conflict with the people whom it is governing. Going back to the good old days, every soul had their own satisfying life and a fair share of the world around them. Now, slums and cities lay side by side frolicking through the yearning days. Sky is not blue anymore, stars are not visible and people are not themselves. Everyday, the people put a mask on and go out of their lives to bring back the labyrinth of their survival. This is not what it should be, brother!

Is there someone or something who or which could return us our spirituality and humanity?

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