With the recent lightning strike in my life I came to realize that life has a twisted sense of humor. Just when my life was going a bit better and happy, life dropped another breakup bomb right on my face. I don’t know whether I could sustain this enormous pressure of a bittersweet relationship again, but I know the fact that even if life throws stones at you at every step, you should collect them and build a bridge forward and go ahead. Life throws you down to get up stronger. Life stabs you right on your chest to let you breathe in a different air. Life shuts windows through your face to open more doors. Life weakens you to make you more stronger. Life is beautiful the way it is. But life is not liked by the majority of population.

Life is hated, crippled and taken away by the people who don’t feel the essence of the world around them. It is life’s responsibility to throw us a few tantrums on the way, or else, it’s not worth a dime. Life shoots you at point blank range but you will still have the life in you to move on. Life itself is so sustaining, fighting, surviving, adapting, and most of all, living. Life is so full of life. When you don’t find a way out of the situation that you face, life will bring a new chain of events to your loose ends to tie up. Life amazes me so much that every time life keeps me alive. Life needs to be fighting the odds and moving on from undeserving people or places. Life is worthy of respect and love. Life is having someone in your mind every time even if you know you can’t be with that materialistic presence. Life is a blank paper to write on with golden ink and a platinum feather. Life is worth living. Life starts after your being dead.

“You have to die to get your life back”

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