Here I am, looking at myself, feeling charred and cataclysmic. Looking blankly at the physical reality, peeking into the frustration, tension, depression, hopes and aspirations within me. Delving deep into those feelings of events passed by, clutching onto the tiniest bit of happiness that I could find within myself. Staring blankly at my reflection, trying to find the lost soul. Nothing else matters because here I am now, left alone with all of me to deal with. Nothing special or different, like everyday of my life. Washing my face in a gradual movement trying to get rid of my older self. All my opinions and thoughts rebounding back to my mind through the monotonous array of another me. Shifting my focus from one image to another, trying to find myself again from this endless race of life and death.

THAT ROADStarting the day in front of the mirror is another way to determine where I am headed and where I was put to work on the things that matter to the world. The same routine of a whirlpool of responsibilities and duties inbound. But ofcourse, there is nothing to lose from this burden. Continuing the cycle of the opposite faces with a mask on for every gathering, every meeting and every scenario. Being really honest in my sleep where I dream of a new world order, but that’s just a dream. Day in and day out, nothing changes much. It seems to me as if the sun and the moon are also tired of this time. Everything seems heavy and exhausted, yet they move on to fulfill their purpose. The day has frozen upon me forcing me to repeat the same thing again and again without rest or pity.

Here I am, looking at myself. Here I am, unknown and ignorant.

Here I am!

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