Social Mayhem

When we were born, we were taught to speak and walk. But as we grew up, we were told to shut up and sit down. We were restricted from speaking our heart out, doing the stuffs which we loved to do. Time is bounded and studies are unlimited. We are thrown into a life-sucking abyss of assignments, chapters, problems and figures. No doubt, education is important, but the way in which the important knowledge is distributed is really mundane and dull. Students try to avoid studies and this results in dropouts and failures.

It is well known that few things are there which can be taught through visualizations and examples, but some life tips are there which no one can teach students. The society plays a huge role in shaping a child’s future. They advise the parents to opt for many high level and variety educational fields at a time which leaves both the children and their parents bewildered. Sometimes, children choose the easiest way out of this whirlpool of pressure and aspirations – SUICIDE!

“Don’t you think that no matter what the students are taught, they must be brought closer to their individual interests from time to time to make them understand the value and significance of the knowledge that they are imparted?” 

Very few students are able to sustain their creativity and be successful in breaking down their boundaries and borders drawn by the society. Others just become mechanical beings following the tradition and believing in every crap they are fed by the people around them. This world has many secrets and hidden truths which are left unanswered and unseen.

Deeper into reality

My earlier posts have discussed about the basis of reality and the shift in the paradigm of reality in a huge way. The people are aware of many things which were undisclosed by the secret organizations and the government. Many myths like the UFOs, the CIA surveillance, sector 51 and many more. The history books don’t cover the important inventions and discoveries which have sprouted the modern society and a sophisticated civilization. Buildings are defeating the natural cover and every finger is tapping an electronic device for calling out loud!

What is the use of living the organic life when we are all trapped in an electronic Colosseum?

Indian parents’ rule

Take the case of a typical Indian parent. If you so much as deviate from their commands, you are slapped. If you try to answer them back (nobody dares though!), you get slapped. If you do any mischief or play pranks (hilarious!), you get slapped. If you don’t study, you get slapped. If you do anything against the conventional rule book of the society which tags you as a maverick, YOU ARE SLAPPED!

Food for thought

Very tragic and sad future awaits us if we avoid the significance of the important things and give extreme attention to marks, C.G.P.A., assignments and ranks. A very deep food for thought for the future generations awaits in the call for a change in the social strata of mankind and humanity.

” Take your creativity forward, master it and reap the benefits, for a person is never remembered for his rank or his percentages.” 

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