Tried to set things in motion

Couldn’t pass that thought from my mind

Seething in anger over the empty wallow

Fighting to leave all else behind


Nothing left to cheer for in these days

Lost forever in eternal glory rise

Gullible and ignorant are the lives

Leading to quick and ardent demise


Warnings seldom heeded, wisdom seldom heard

Went on to wage a war with the soul

Scattered is the mist, the air seems heavy

All playing the destruction goal


Stopping seems forbidden against honor

No spirit left untouched though

Every living cried hell on them

The warships began to row


Blood river ahead, destiny has played them bad

Cutting through the mist, the spears fly strong

Pain was but forgotten rather

Among the blistering tune of war gong


Clearing was not peaceful, left cold and red

Guilt and grief deep bore

Shaken from the broadening light above

The king now COULDN’T KNOW MORE!


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