As I go down my grave!

Crying souls for a soulless body.

The reaper bidding farewell to all,

As I rise up for judgement to follow

Heeding to the eventual divine call.



Cacophony of crows cry out foul

Over my rotting flesh inbound.

Nails driving through my wooden shelter,

Waiting nervously for the devil hell hound.



Broken dreams shrieking out of pain

Through the lingering grief and calm.

Leaving behind love with their own will

As I feel the dirt covering my numbing palm.



Six feet soil for my blood and bones.

The weather seems too heavy with tears to behave.

False attire and procedure to rest me in peace.

As I solemnly go down my freshly dug grave.

2 thoughts on “As I go down my grave!

  1. Thank you for the Re-blog!
    Awaiting a nice post from my fellow bloggers too!
    Please suggest a good topic or a subtle state of writing which may be constructed with utmost grace and humor for me to write.
    Awaiting your replies soon!

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