Blogging about love is charismatic and scintillating. Read through this adventure and you will found blissful love in everything around you.

The Higher Firewall

Colors (8)

HAPPY VALENTINES DAY! Today is the day when all the love birds come out of their nests and spread the feathers of love and compassion around the place. This is also the day when all the singles celebrate either by drinking, or by cursing the love birds, or else, by sleeping off! But actually, when I looked deep into the love flow, the scene was a picturesque and amazing framework. So, the question is, what did I see which was so beautiful? Have patience, my friend. I will soon come to that.

Love lies where there is peace of mind, understanding of the world and integrity with your loved ones. Love spreads with care and compassion of self as well as the environment. Whenever, a person splashes into the elixir of profound love and affection, the reality bends in to allow him to focus on his purpose of love. There…

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