A dilapidated, old weary and limping beggar

Confronted me as I ran through my bags.

Forwarding a pitiable glance and a skinny hand

Covered in old torn clothes, patches and rags.


I was in an utter dilemma as to what to do next.

Searching through my pockets for a change or so.

Whether to give her money to satisfy her need

Or just tell her to stop asking for alms and go.



Not a word came from my mouth as I saw

Her half-dead baby hanging by her side.

My mind is fighting for ways to end her pain

But all thoughts were lost in time and tide.


Found five bucks and held that in my palm

Thinking about the things she could do with this.

Nothing came to my mind but the thought

That at least I would find some peace and bliss.


Maybe, she would buy a cup of tea for her

Or get something to eat to fill her in.

Neither did I find peace of mind in me

Nor a soulful day where I could have been.


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