It was raining heavily, and I lost my way

Into the soothing streets of wonder

Under the moonlight, covering up my emptiness

With a solemn crackle and a mighty thunder.


I was drenched in the drops of my pain

Washing away my loneliness for a better day.

Nothing to lose amid the dreary weather.

In this hot and scorching heat of May.


Cold breeze through my fingers afresh

The happy memories that I cherished in me.

Looked back to the hard way of the time

When I silently sat under the savior banyan tree.


Could have been more worse had it been

The other way round and I would have to

Rest my world to some bad omen ever was

that brewed the churning hot pain through.


Then it was over, the nature was still

Among the sneaky wet feathers on the twigs.

For me, it was just the beginning of time

With a new chapter and a few amazing tricks.

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