A letter to my Ex!

Hello Ex,

I hope you are fine and in good health. It has been been many days since our last conversation. As we both know, we are not together for the mistakes we both committed. We both lied to each other and later realized that we hurt each other badly. Maybe, we started on the wrong foot from the start. Anyways, it has not always been thorns and stones throughout the relationship.

When we started off, we were a lovely couple, sharing everyday together over the phone. We used to make fun of the professors in our respective colleges. Many good moments spent between us. But that is the story of every relationship before the ultimatum; the breakup.

Most importantly though, I learnt from you how to be strong emotionally in any situation, how to take responsibilities for our actions, how to share the pain of others even though they are not your own, how to trust, how to call someone our own, how to love. I got the meaning of love from your tenacious explanations and understanding. I learnt to care for someone and make someone happy that not only takes away their pain but yours as well. I learnt that even though we have problems, we deal with them and not run from it.

Sure, there is downside in every relationship. But the one thing that I learnt from you is how to be a better man. Maybe, time was not with us and we have to go separate ways. But the gifts that you left me will stay with me forever.

Your First Love,

With love.

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