Maybe, this is the end!

Maybe, we may see a brown sun rising

Or maybe, another befalling ice age.

Maybe, the sky will look all dark and scrawny

And maybe, all of us would coop up in a cage.


Maybe, silence traps us into a life sucking abyss

Or maybe, we lose our real identity to the Christ.

Maybe, time is running out to run from this end

And maybe, we cannot stop this inevitable demise.


Maybe, we are just losing our mind over it

Or maybe, running behind money has cost us this.

Maybe, nothing practical is going on around here

And maybe, there are so many things in this world to miss.


Maybe, we are struggling for our ends to meet.

Or maybe, cutting through each day needs to amend.

Maybe, we still have hope to bring back those days

And maybe, this may not be the abetted end.

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