Do you see me?

Do you see me?

Look closer!

Here I am, standing in front of you. Tired and vanquished. Fighting to get a glance of the rising sun. Desperately searching for contemplation and redemption. The shaggy and tattered clothes hang loosely around my skinny shoulders, bones trying to show themselves at any cost. Dark rough and brisk skin, scaly and dry, hardly trying to hold up the flesh of my body. Though I am looking at you, yet you can’t see me. Your ego has blinded you. Your false attire of self respect, fame and power has led you to misjudgment. The masks that you have put on for the world are slowly becoming one with your  naked self, refusing to come out. You find a piece of paper more valuable than a beating heart. The luxury that you live with everyday has become your sweet poison. The importance of your life is just a few nickels on your death bed and a few nails on your coffin. Maybe, as you rise up, you can see clearly.

Do you see me now?

Take a deeper look into yourself!

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