Celebrating my death!

Here and now, I declare myself dead. Away from all sorts of humane and realistic restrictions and constraints. Separate into a new dimension of freedom and openness. Jump into a new space where the old habits and reflexes were useless and unnecessary. At least, now I can die in peace.

The handbook of this current society demands so much more of an individual that they tend to become educated dumb-fucks! They can set a system in motion with their expertise with the subject, but they can’t understand the real need of the system variables on which the correlation and dependence of the gears with the rest of the universe is based upon. The world is filled with knowledgeable candidates waiting in line for their part in the system, but no one comes up with ways and means to strengthen the basic foundation of the system.

I am dead in my own terms. Well, living on this earth hasn’t been much exciting or peaceful. Expectations are brewing up with lack of time and patience and pieces of rectangular paper and round metals are riding this earth to disaster. On the one hand, we have rich people swimming in notes, and on the other we have skinny beings drying up to death- obviously, a feast for the scavengers at hand.

Dying on this planet, for me, is perhaps the best thing that has happened to me as of yet. Dying foretells benign and tranquil life ahead. As I have no expectations from myself or from others, I have already rested in peace. Look out, my friends! You cut trees to make paper, write on them “Save Trees” and use the same paper to control the eradication of forests at large. Moreover, there is so much hatred, war, corruption, tyranny, weapons, nuclear explosions and jittery souls. Death has never been more fulfilling.

The sun gives us life and the humans take it away. Irony of this world! Cruel as it is, yet satisfying that at least life has not been completely diminished in this world. There is a certain ray of hope that prospers life on this planet, a juice of relinquished faith among people. But Always I have faith in me that I am of no good on this planet, so I am now dead.

Cutting to the chase, my point is that although there is very little trust left on this planet, yet there is always a fight against the evil to resurrect the right and the worthy. It’s not all bad and not all white. Some letters are written in ink and some in gold. We have to choose when and what you would like your history to be written with.

“celebrating death is a sign of maturity”

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