I fell down, trying to stand up,

You held me up showing me the way.

I cried without implying anything to you,

You understood and cared for me, night and day.


I ran all over without having control of my senses.

You cleaned me up, set me fresh and happy.

I made a fuss about everything that I had to do,

You sang to me and changed my soiled nappy.


I cried on the first day to school,

You promised me to be there when I came back.

I played all day, not wanting to study at all,

You taught me everything about Jill and Jack!


I sprained myself and cried back home,

You nursed me back to health every cut.

I held on to you at night, afraid of the dark,

You told me happy stories about cream and chest nut.


I grew up, into my unstable teens,

You taught me to dress well and be smart.

I hurt you with my immature words,

You smiled at me, crying in your heart.


I troubled you with all sorts of tension,

You managed everything being at my side.

I lost my interest in life with all the frustrations,

You helped me stand and fight against time and tide.


Whenever I am sick and bedridden with a high fever,

You made me warm soup and beautiful bread slices.

Whenever I came back from college in holidays,

You made the best food with your magic spices.


Never said thank you to you for your endless care,

But you never asked any emotion in return.

I got angry, aggressive or maybe told to leave me alone,

But MOTHER!, you were there for me in every turn.



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