The events are conspiring against the utter disrupt of law and balance. Anything may happen next. Our consciousness is always at the verge of a deep fall which may destroy the mere realization of the past and the future. The more this unnerving distress comes closer, the closer I get to the horizon.

What is real is a paradox in the paradigm of the shift in reality. There is no hindrance to the possibilities that may happen in the close proximity of the parallel dimensions. Thoughts shower a kaleidoscope of colors with a tinge of darkness in the prolific flow of light and the consciousness.

There is always a surety in the start and end of life in separate existential spheres, but the transcendence is always unknown and researched upon by varied like minded so called scientists. Yet the truth seems to be so intangible that not a sliver of it has been understood. Man calls out to the appeal of his life in this remorseful world and we end up being a simple damn eulogy in the newspapers.

No end can end the end and no beginning can begin the beginning. This is a continuous cycle of reality that a soul has to undergo to reach closer to the horizon of dark energy and bright stars. Sea full of hopes and aspirations may draw us closer to the web of reality, yet we somehow escape the grudge of this meticulous sting of a bitter past and an uneventful future.

I believe in freedom against all materialistic claws and clutches.

I am just a sensual touch, a silent breeze, a silent smile and a shrieking tear.

I am now closer to the horizon.

I am alive!

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