Yes, I have failed.

I have failed real bad. It’s time for me to rise high and strong. I have to be rigid and robust all through. I know I am not accepted in the eyes of the society, or the world. Abhorring and loathing all the way. Don’t want to crush myself in the gears of time and tide. Covering myself with the cloak of seclusion and solitude. Making peace with myself and my fate.

Walking beside frustration and grief, making them my only friends in this meticulous world. Sturdy and astute calculations to release myself from this cliched failure. Nothing seems to suffice the ways to escape reality except death. Killing every bit of dreams and aspirations which I held onto, this long. Fear and depression are spreading the cancer inside me gradually, insinuating the polemic literature of my destiny. Taunting every cell, every eon of my life.

Maybe, there is a way. Maybe, I have a better world ahead. Hope is the only thing I have left. Faith lies in the sanctum sanctorum of my soul to release me from these chains.

Help me!

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