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I try to run far away from you

but you follow me everywhere with your bare feet

I try to lose myself in the crowd

but you separate me every time with your solemn touch

I try to live my last breath

but you give me yours with your soothing lips

I try to reach out to you with love

but you make me wait with your splendid signs

I try to bring back my life

but you bring us into living with your utter presence




I wait for you to come to me

Yet by far your voice seems scarce

I think how our meet would be

Those are the thoughts of my scars.

I lied to you, I hurt you bad.

Now I repent for the sins.

I love you and loved you mad.

Impaled with many laments, like pins.

I am sorry, Shri, I apologize

I know how you feel now.

You said you will forgive my lies

If I fulfill my solemn vow.

I fight each day, with my misdeeds

Coaxing myself every damn time.

I hope this crisis ends to my needs

And end this meaningless mime.



I loved her and she loved me

So happy and jolly I was for this

My life was filled with joy and glee

Please tell me baby what did I miss?


With my heart & soul I loved her

Not a time went without thinking about

But suddenly everything turned sober

My heart started to cry and shout.


She brought someone else in her heart

Cut my mind into small tiny shreds

My life is tearing and bursting apart

I lay in sorrow on piercing thorn beds.


This was not what was meant to be

We were so happy with each other along

I used up every bit to keep her and me

I can’t keep my sanity much for long.


She is so beautiful, filled with joy

I want her to be mine and only mine

I can’t resist to take that away by another boy

This is not at all okay or fine.


But she accepted her mistake and reasoned

I am tolerating it with each eon of my soul

My heart got broken, withered and seasoned

Don’t know how much can I withstand such dole.


I have built a dream with her by my side

So beautiful it is, so charming it is

Only with her in a life-long sweet ride

Garnished with hugs and a sweet fragrant kiss.


Love is care, love is forgiveness for sure

But my love is complicated and stressed

Please God, show me some mercy and cure

Which would be sweet, lovely and blessed.



Deer eyes of yours, so full of life,

Your curls of hair drifting in the breeze.

The cute little nose with a tint of pink,

Swaying your charm with grace and ease.


The soft skin which shames a feather.

Your killer smile that carries me away.

A perfect and beau woman you are.

You amaze me every moment every day.


Your peacock walk overwhelms my soul.

The perfect figure of you; a heart-filling view.

In every aspect you are damn beautiful.

Like a pink lotus with a backdrop of dew.


I stand watching you like a helpless child,

Can’t figure out where to hide such charm.

But i promise you to safeguard your soul.

And avoid your from any danger or harm.


You shall be mine and only mine,

Oh beauty! i can lose anything to have you with me.

May god bless us with a subtle togetherness

And may He give us peace and let us be.