Take a look at that small skinny boy,

With withered clothes and a wry smile,

Finding solace a midst garbage, a sliver of joy,

Running and falling on that dry waste pile

Take a look at that old hideous lady,

Begging to manage at least one meal a day,

She has a dusty complexion, but a bit shady,

Carrying her half dead baby along the way.

Take a look at that ruined abandoned house,

Caressing its way through the shrubs and vines,

Now, a home to insects, snakes and a mouse,

Time and tide have slowly taken away its shines.

Take a look, brother, take a look now,

Seep into the flow of life around,

Listen to your fate and take a solemn vow,

Get lost into the wind and later be found.




Behold the buildings weeding through the autumn leaves.

The clouds crying out their mascara onto dried land.

The wind whistling a melancholic hum and sadly bereaves.

All the hopes and dreams sinking slowly in quicksand.

The sun and the moon goes all paranoid in their courses.

Scavengers and wild beasts are waiting for a war each day.

Feeding on fading grass all the goats, cows and horses.

Keeping the thoughts of the time to come at bay.

The poor smile at the passing by suits with their skin and bones.

The government fill their pockets with paper and steel.

Everywhere the people are living in glasshouses and heart of stones.

And some run amok just to manage a feed of three times meal.

The smoking streets are decorated with batons and blood.

All the things that wind speaks of is behead and kill.

Decomposed bodies all filthy with smoke, dust and mud.

Which satisfaction of human instinct does all these fill?

War and blood is just salt and sugar on the table of life.

Cut-throat and vehement competition between men and men.

This is the real event of a shield and a sharp and shiny knife.

Which I write down with all my mind in paper and pen.



Neither the mirror nor the water show you true.

They are just another false face of you.

If you want to know really who you are.

Just think who you want to be deeply by far.


Illusions around you shed shadows of fear.

Claws of rejection and ignorance draw near.

Only follow your heart for that is you.

And be the person exactly what it tells you to.


Grasp the meaning of life and living.

Enjoy the happiness of giving and forgiving.

Don’t be afraid to do what you like.

The whole world will show up for sympathetic strike.


You are beautiful, enjoy the breeze.

Watch the green around, listen to the bees.

Believe in yourself as you believe in the sky.

Rise up the mind to far and beyond high.







Everything falling around me, rising tension and grief.

All negating and falsifying everything that I believe.

Stretching my hand to the light but all is dust and smoke.

Meanings and definitions lost from the time I woke.


Love and life fighting to keep themselves afloat hard.

Laziness and hopelessness pull me from forward.

Busy days and silent nights lay down my ominous fate.

Time goes by, age passes and life moves on but I wait.


My mind is a cloudy sky, filled with doubts and tears.

Went through everything to be happy, that one bears.

Ruined and scavenged with the ocean of rough sand.

I get lost again and again in the cemetery of broken land.


Though I feel scarce, yet I drive by that way.

Through the chilling night, through the burning day.

Enough time has passed, I can’t take the load.

But I have to, obviously, go down that road.